iOctocat has a full-blown feature set, including:

  1. Notifications*
    • Your personal notifications about commits, issues and pull request
    • iOS push notifications for your GitHub notifications (you can enable them on a per account basis)
    News and Activity Feeds
    • The latest events of repositories you watch and users you follow
    • Besides the notifications, this is most likely your main entry into seeing what's going on at the moment
    GitHub NotificationsNews Feeds
  2. Repositories
    • Quick access to your repos plus the ones on your star- and watchlist
    • See the code and recent commits of the different branches, the README, issues and forks
    • Code viewer with lots of nice themes, so you can see the code in all of its beauty
    • Of course you can or watch and star repositories
    • Detailed information about the files that were added, removed and modified
    • Browse the changes of the modified files viewing colored diffs
    • And yes, you can comment on commits
    Repository detailsCode view
  3. Issues and Pull Requests
    • View open and closed issues and pull requests
    • Search and filter issue lists
    • Open new issues, edit existing ones or close the ones you fixed
    • Manage issues including assignee, milestone, and labels
    • Merge pull requests on the go
    • Issue and pull request discussion/commenting*
    • List of issues and pull requests across your repositories and organizations
    Issues listIssue details
  4. User and Organization Profiles
    • Profiles include repositories, recent activity, gists, followers and followings, as well as organizations/members
    • Follow users
    • Access to your public, private and starred gists
    • Browse them the same way you can explore repositories
    • You can comment on gists, too
    User profileGists

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And there's even more...

These are the major features, but the app is rapidly improving and getting extended with new functionality as the GitHub API gets extended. Here are some more niceties the app includes:

* Upgrades

Private repositories and access to notifications require the Basic upgrade. Recieving push notifications for your GitHub notifications, use of multiple accounts and support for GitHub Enterprise require the Pro upgrade. The upgrades are available as in-app purchases.

What users say about the app

At Simple, engineers and customer relations folks use iOctocat to keep up. We use GitHub.com for public open source projects and GitHub Enterprise for internal code and iOctocat connects us to both.

– Will Maier, Simple

As Github is a central part of my daily work, so is iOctocat.
Absolutely indispensable!

– Andreas Linde, HockeyApp

iOctocat is the perfect way to keep up with GitHub on iOS. It makes it ridiculously easy and comfortable to comment on issues or merge pull requests right from your phone.

Daniel Schauenberg

I just replaced the Facebook app on my iPhone’s home screen with iOctocat.
I get more use out of it.

Kirk Strauser

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