Will there be an iPad version?

Two words: Stay tuned :)

What does get pushed to my device?

iOctocat pushes your GitHub notifications for each account you activated the feature for.
This excerpt from the GitHub Help Page about Notifications describes that ...

Notifications are based on the repositories you are watching. If you are watching a repository, you will receive notifications for all discussions, including:

  • Issues and their comments
  • Pull Requests and their comments
  • Comments on any commits

How to use GitHub Enterprise with a self-signed certificate?

By default the app does not work with GitHub Enterprise instances that have a self-signed SSL certificate, because the iOS security settings forbid connections to untrusted sources.

You can add a self-signed certificate as a trusted source by opening the certificate on you iOS device (mail it to yourself and open it) and following the install instructions.

How to open GitHub URLs in iOctocat?

You can open almost every GitHub URL in iOctocat by replacing the `https://` with `ioc://`. So when you get a link tweeted or mailed, open it in Safari and swap out the URL scheme/protocol.

To help you with that, open the bookmark page on your device.

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